Crazy Old Photos

While wandering around a local flea market, I flipped through a box of old photo.

Well this one was just too good to pass up!










The photo group I attend has some self assigned projects and the last one was make a self portrait fairytale. This is my take on the subject.



Newbury At Night

Here are a few images from this winter. The fireworks were during the 250th celebration on Saturday, December 14th.

A Newbury Portrait Photo Books Available!!



Chris and I have published a collection of images from our 18 month community project!

A Newbury Portrait 2013 was created as a visual slice of time capturing people that live and work in Newbury, Vermont. The book was created to help document and celebrate the town’s 250th anniversary.

The book is available in two sizes. A 7×7 softcover and a 12×12 hardcover. To view and order books, go to :



We are very excited that we got this finished just in time for Christmas. Order soon if you want to get a book to give as a gift.



Fall Light

The low angle of the sun is wonderful this time of year.

I was driving on I91 in Massachusetts and decided to head over to Shelburne Falls. I used to live in Shelburne, VT which had some falls, too. Plus this Shelburne Falls had a Bridge of flowers, so I was really interested in checking it out, even though it was late autumn.

Here is a sample of the light falling on some Dahlias, which, along with some roses, were about the only thing in bloom but the town is worth a visit.