Odd Vintage Photos

found vintage photos montpelier vermont

Wistfully admiring the shrubbery.


found vintage photos Montpelier Vermont

Goofy friend in the window.

More Crazy Old Photos


Vintage puppy photos

Pup in a Cup

Vintage Baby Photos (2)


More photos from a great antique shop in Montpelier – Antiques at 110 Main.  I’ve never seen a baby photo taken where the camera was placed on the ground. 

vintage baby photos

How low can we get the camera.



Vintage baby photos

This one seems to be plotting something!

Vintage Baby Photos (1)


I love to find old photos in thrift shops and antique shops. The next few photos of babies were found in a little store in Montpelier, Vermont, called Antiques On Main. 

vintage photo of baby

Stick out your tongue for the camera!


vintage baby photos

Highchair in the backyard.

Vintage camera with paper negatives

A friend had some 4×5 cameras that had glass plate negative holders and I decided to try to use photo paper for the negatives instead of making glass plates. With analog and old equipment, the fun is often in the accidents. Every image is a welcome surprise!

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