Bleeding Hearts, Individual Cyanotype, 2018

One of the oldest photographic processes, cyanotypes are made using a light sensitive liquid that is hand coated onto various art papers. Using the sun or a UV (ultra-violet) light source, the paper turns a rich blue where exposed and stays white where the light is totally blocked. Think of the process in terms of a sunburn. UV light turns your skin red where it is exposed, and it stays it’s original color where your clothing has blocked the light. So you are photo-sensitive, just like the cyanotype solution!

This lends to many different and creative ways of using the cyanotype process. Papers or fabrics with different patters, thicknesses, colors, even wood and other porous substrates can be used to make interesting imagery. The chemicals can be mixed to create lighter or darker blues and different toning methods can change the blue to a completely different color. Something as simple as tea can give a cyanotype a beautiful sepia color.

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